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High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy

High flow nasal oxygen therapy (also known as HFNOT, HFNO, HFNC) is the first line of defense for patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, who require oxygenation support.

The Airblend HF60L blends, warms up and, humidifies air and oxygen to be administered to the patients. High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy devices for Adults and Pediatric patients are grouped in the heated humidifiers category and have GMDN Code 57828.

High flow oxygen delivery devices capable of flow rates up to 80 liters per minute with oxygen concentration control; non-invasive controlled delivery of humidified, warmed-up gas mixture reduces the risk of complications. Extended periods of treatment with an HF60L high flow oxygen delivery system are well tolerated.
Low flow oxygen therapy

Oxygen concentrators and sleep apnea devices cannot offer effective treatment for COVID-19 patients, where lung inflammation is severe.
High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy (HFNOT)
Applied via a nasal cannula, 21-100% O2 with high flow rates up to 60 L/min, highly humidified, increases blood oxygen levels. Good for long term application. Allows patient to eat and drink.
Mechanical Ventilators

Mechanical ventilators are for patients in a critical condition and require trained operating personnel. The ventilator manufacturing process is more complex and time consuming. Intensive care beds and personnel are a very limited resource.
HFNO is suitable in treating 74% of hospitalised patients due to COVID-19
HFNO is a recommended therapy for 74% of hospitalised patients according to the World Health Organisation *
High-flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNO) is a technique used to deliver humidified and heated mixed air/oxygen at a high flow rate of up to 60 liters/minute, to patients of all age groups with acute respiratory failure.
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