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Airblend HF60L
High Flow Nasal
Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy Medical Devices (HFNC, HFNO, HFOT)
Oxygen Therapy
High-flow oxygen therapy
for home use
High-flow therapy products
for healthcare professionals
Airblend AG, a member of Swiss Medtech, innovates and applies Swiss technology to create modern high flow nasal therapy devices.
Use of HF60L HFNC device enabled more high flow nasal therapy procedures
ONLY nasal high flow therapy device in the market with ambient temperature-independent humidification technology
Definition of an excellent high flow device
An excellent high flow device is the one patient feels comfortable, and the airway is not damaged. Humidity is the key ingredient to protect the nasal air path from the corrosive effects of oxygen at high flow rates.
Typically heated humidifiers rely on a heating plate boiler. Heated water emits water vapor and heat. To not burn the patient, these devices are rated to work maximum at 28 °C ambient temperature. Some devices decrease the humidity output (without providing an alarm signal), putting patient compatibility at risk.
Our motivation
The requirement for a cold room prevented most of the World's population's access to comfortable and safe high-flow therapy. That is why solving this problem was very important for the Airblend Technology Team.

Airblend's high-flow humidifier technology breaks the industry ambient temperature barrier. Airblend HF60L uses state-of-the-art humidification technology that works at all ambient temperatures.
HF60L can operate safely in non-air-conditioned rooms, enabling continuous high flow oxygen delivery.
Available from stock
A steady supply chain backs the Airblend HF60L High Flow Oxygen Therapy Devices manufacturing. We deliver HF60L and its consumables in a short time frame.

Airblend keeps high flow nasal cannula therapy system prices constant even at fluctuating market conditions.

Airblend HF60L High Flow Respiratory Unit Advantages

Airblend HF60L is compatible with standard consumable 22mm patient circuits and medical filters.
Standardization brings cost savings and access to local supply for disposables
Modular fluid tank
Removable fluid tank, easily changed or disinfected
Low noise level
Silencer technology for increasing patient comfort
HF60L is not only an HFNC but also works as a nebulizer
The professional-grade nebulizer function is built-in to every HF60L. Buying one device brings the functionality of a high flow nasal cannula device and a nebulizer.
No more 30 minutes warm-up time
Airblend HF60L has instant-on technology, can provide humidity as soon as it is powered.
Less power consumption
The maximum power consumption of Airblend HF60L is 75 W.

Power efficiency reflects in ability to choose a smaller UPS for uninterrupted use during loss of stable power supply.
Fixed FiO₂ and Fixed flow rate modes
With HF60L Advanced, the HFNC flow rate is automatically adjusted. Oxygen concentration set through the user interface keeps constant by tuning fresh air flow using the HF60L digital feedback mechanism.
Humidity level is adjustable in 5 levels
Humidity is the key ingredient of high flow oxygen therapy. Humidity tolerance of patients varies geographically and person to person.

Airblend, an expert in piezo crystal humidification, has a technological advantage to tune humidity levels with the touch of a button. Significantly increases patient compatibility.
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